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“I don’t think I would have felt as happy to write about education if I hadn’t also been a governor.”

Fiona Millar is a journalist and education campaigner who’s been volunteering for nearly three decades as a school governor in Camden. As she prepares to step down for a long overdue break, we’ve been asking Fiona how she got started, what she’s enjoyed about it and why everyone, especially politicians and policy-makers, should consider taking

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What’s the best way to organise governance in a large multi-academy trust?

Ark Academies runs a network of 37 schools in the UK. Its admin team uses GovernorHub to support and communicate with governors and trustees and store documents. As well as a MAT Board page, each local governing board also has its own GovernorHub page with a shared calendar, noticeboard and secure document storage. We’ve been

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What motivates people to join the largest volunteer force in the country?

Hundreds of people up-and-down the country will be sitting around a meeting table for the first time this term. We spoke to one such school governor, David Watkins, to find out why he got involved. David teaches at an independent school in Reading and is now a governor at a small, rural school just south

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