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The rush to virtual meetings

What incredibly strange times. Just a few weeks ago – it was the everyday-normal. Governors and trustees attending the usual, face-to-face board meetings to support schools and MATs to deliver the best possible education to children and young people. Within a matter of days, the landscape has changed dramatically. Schools are facing incredibly challenging times.

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“I thought… I’m sure there are people around who have already been through this learning curve and know a lot more than I do.”

Isabel Churcher, who works for The Arts Council, has been a governor at Holyhead Secondary School in Hansworth, Birmingham for just over two years. Worried she didn’t know enough about the role, she set up a Staff Governors Group at the Arts Council to share knowledge and information. Isabel, how did you become a governor?

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What should we mean when we talk about the curriculum?

The team at GovernorHub recently attended a conference for the hard-working teams up and down the country who provide support and training to school governors (… we get the best gigs). As usual, there were some brilliant speakers and this year we heard from Professor Mick Waters. Mick’s held some very high profile roles in

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