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Coming soon to GovernorHub – online training with ‘Modern Governor’

We are delighted to announce we’ve teamed up with Herts for Learning and Modern Governor to offer integrated online training for governors and trustees on GovernorHub. For many of you, this means adding the convenience of online training to the existing ability to book face-to-face sessions with experienced local educators – all in one place.

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Now is the time for the governing voice to be heard

“It’s the issue right at the top of the agenda for most boards at the moment. Governors and trustees are making difficult decisions and they’re not making them lightly.” We’ve been speaking to Emma Knights, Chief Executive of the National Governance Association, about the NGA’s forthcoming ‘Week of Action‘ to call for better school funding.

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“The average person who takes on a school governor role is really being thrown into a massive deep dark cave and asked to map its insides using nothing but a lighter.”

Educationalist and Teacher Tapp founder Laura McInerney became a school governor for the first time last year and we’ve been asking her what she makes of it so far and whether she would recommend it to friends and colleagues. How long have you been a governor Laura? Less than a year. What type of school

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