What’s new with GovernorHub?

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We’re always tweaking and updating GovernorHub to make sure it’s working well for you. In case you’ve missed any of the recent changes, here’s our latest round up.

Historical members

It used to be a case of ‘remove’ someone from your board and their details disappear into the ether (well… unless you’d written them down). Not anymore. Lots of you wanted to be able to quickly and easily check back at your board’s previous membership to track historical roles, meeting attendance and more.

So we added an Historical members tab on the membership page. Find out more about how to use this feature in our help article.

Washing line ‘pinning’

Some of you – mostly clerks – are members of lots of boards and groups on GovernorHub.

But when you’re a member of ‘too many groups’, sadly the space on the page runs out 😞
We fix this by compressing all of your icons into a ‘My Groups’ icon.

But this meant that those of you affected you were having a fiddly time of reaching your favourite boards and you told us you’d like to be able to ‘pin’ those favourites back to the washing line.

We don’t like to see clerks unhappy (or any of you for that matter…) so we created a whizzy new feature where you can do just that. Our help article explains more.

Now, on the subject of having one or more GovernorHub account….

Merging your accounts

If you have one or more GovernorHub account and you’d like to be able to see everything in one place – get in touch and we can merge your accounts.

Many of you find it easier to work with just one login.

Keep talking to us!

We like to provide tip-top service here at GovernorHub 🦉

If you want to speak to us about anything at all, we’d love to hear from you so keep the feature requests coming. Please use the help chat on the bottom right-hand side of the website 💬. You don’t even need to be logged in!

Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog to find out about new features, interesting governor-y stuff and much more. Recently we:

  • Spoke to ‘You Have No Authority’ Jackie Weaver about tricky meetings
  • Considered how becoming a governor can improve your mental health
  • Explained how you can use GovernorHub to evidence great governance

Happy GovernorHubbing 🦉

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