What’s new with GovernorHub?

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We’ve been doing a little bit of wizardry behind the scenes lately. Here are a few of the things we’ve tweaked to make life easier for governors and trustees.

You’re now just a click away from your video meeting! 🖱

If you add a Zoom/Teams/Google Meet video meeting link to your board’s calendar event on GovernorHub – it’s much easier for members to join a meeting.

They can simply click on the video icon in upcoming events when they log into GovernorHub and it takes them straight to the meeting. Here’s how to add a link to your calendar event.

Squiggling signatures on minutes? 📝

You can now use GovernorHub to record that you or another board member has signed a set of minutes.

More than one person can sign a document and all board members can see who’s signed a document on GovernorHub.

Manage how many emails we send you

If you’re a member of several boards or groups on GovernorHub, this can mean a lot of email notifications.

We’ve updated the email settings page in your personal profile area so you can now control how many emails you receive for each board or group you’re a member of.

Not receiving any emails from GovernorHub?

Sometimes governors stop receiving emails from us altogether, usually due to a change within a school’s IT network.

Our help guide explains what to do to resolve this.

As always – do get in touch with us if you need any help or have any questions. You can use the blue help icon on the website (you don’t even need to be logged in) or email us at support@governorhub.com.

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