Checklist for clerks


September’s a busy time for clerks so we’ve put together this checklist to help GovernorHub boards start the academic year as they mean to go on – organised and compliant! Here’s how to organise your board ‘remotely’ for the year ahead.

Getting ready

  • Is the membership list correct? Here’s how to add or remove someone from the board.
  • Make sure your board’s constitution is set and up-to-date. Our help articles on the constitution will be useful here.
  • Update any roles or committees on the board as required.
  • Ensure all governors are registered on GovernorHub. You can see who hasn’t registered on the membership page and send them an email.
  • Send a test noticeboard message to ensure all governors have access to their email accounts. Our help article explains what to do if you’re not receiving emails from GovernorHub

Code of Conduct

Board members will need to read and agree to a new Code of Conduct for 2020-21.

To do this, upload a new Code of Conduct in your board’s documents area. The National Governance Association produce a model code of conduct each year – this year it’s been reformatted so it’s easier to adapt.

Add the confirmation to the About section of the Governing Board tab. Members can then confirm they’ve read and agreed to this on their personal profile page. Our help article explains more about how to do this.

Declarations of Interest

Members will need to confirm or update their declarations and pecuniary interests for the new academic year on their personal profile page.

If they’ve filled these in already and nothing’s changed, they can simply hit the ‘Confirm’ button again, to add a revised confirmation date. Our help article explains how to do this in more detail.

Keeping Children Safe in Education

Each year members need to confirm they’ve read the latest version of Keeping Children Safe in Education. A link to the document is found in a member’s personal profile page, under declarations.

After reading this year’s update, members will need to hit the ‘Confirm’ button to add a revised confirmation date.

Remote signing of documents

Board members can now sign documents on GovernorHub remotely.
We explain a bit more about how to do this in our help guide.

Record attendance

You can record attendance at virtual meetings, just as you do for a face-to-face meetings.

Our help article explains how. You can then download an annual attendance report for your board.

Add video meeting events to the calendar

We recommend adding the video meeting details to meeting events on your board’s calendar. Our help article explains how. The details will appear in any subscribed calendars, plus on the upcoming events list for members.

It’s also worth linking a folder of documents to the meeting event.

Suggested noticeboard message

We suggest sending this message (or something similar) to your board ahead of the first meeting of the year to encourage governors to complete these actions.


Hello all,

In advance of our first meeting, please go to your personal profile page (click on your name on the top of the page). Under the declarations tab, I will need you to:

Confirm the board’s new Code of Conduct for coming year.

Update your declarations of interest and confirm them. If nothing has changed, you still need to confirm these again so we know they are correct for this academic year.

Confirm you’ve read Keeping Children Safe in Education 2020. This will also need to be updated for 2020-21.

Please comment below or respond with an emoji to confirm these actions are complete.


Your favourite Governance Professional.


Many of these items, such as pecuniary interests, must be published on the school website (see what maintained schools must publish online and what academies, free schools and colleges must publish online). Accurate membership lists also help when updating board membership on Get Information About Schools. All of this is easier to do when the information is kept up-to-date on GovernorHub 🤓.

Our downloads feature means board-wide reports on membership, roles, committees, training, DBS checks and much more are readily available in PDF, Word or Excel format.

2 comments on “Checklist for clerks”

  1. Has anyone successfully run an on-line parent governor election? I need to hold one as I have two candidates and although Microsoft Forms keeps being quoted, I have no knowledge or it and cannot get past creating a form! Any suggestions very welcome.


    1. This might be a good query to ask the School Governors UK or Primary School governors Facebook group(s) if you’re a member Mel.
      We don’t have this functionality on GovernorHub currently I’m afraid.


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