10 ways we’ve been listening …..and tweaking 🛠


When we launched GovernorHub in 2013, our aim was to create a product for governors that’s simple and easy-to-use.

But as we’ve grown, we’ve stayed close to you …(indeed many of the team use GovernorHub for their board meetings too) …and that means listening to what you tell us about how you use GovernorHub and what we can do to improve it.

Recently, we put a together a list of all of the new features we’ve introduced this year and we even shocked ourselves 😲, so we thought we’d share some of the highlights with you.

1. Video meeting links

This feature we added recently has certainly made life easier. You can now add a video meeting link to a calendar entry on GovernorHub. The great thing about this is that a link appears in a governor’s upcoming events and allows a one-click through to the meeting (for Zoom, Teams and Google Meet).

2. Code of conduct and other confirmations

It’s fair to say that when we pushed this feature out, if you’d have said to us, ‘COVID-19‘, we’d have said, ‘What’s that?’… but aren’t we glad we launched this feature when we did as it will be great for September when boards may need governors to confirm various things ‘virtually’ – such as agreeing to a new Code of Conduct.

If your board doesn’t already use this feature, here’s our help guide to get you started.

3. Policy review dates

Another new feature you’d been asking for. We’ve developed a traffic-light-colour-coding system to show when policies are due for review (orange) – and when they’re overdue (red). You can find out more about how to set this up for your board here.

4. Last modified dates on folders

Well this is an interesting one. We were using a standard system – the same as Google Docs and Windows – to show when a folder in your board’s documents area was last modified (so the date changed only when the folder name was updated).

But this wasn’t working very well in practice for governors, who were using the last modified date to work out which folder someone had just added a document to. Last modified dates on GovernorHub now indicate the last time any file within a folder has been modified, so an upload will change the last modified date.

This is a good example of how we can tweak the system to make it work for you.

5. New members’ page

In 2013, our members’ page was fairly simple but we re-vamped the page this year to make it easier to manage board membership.

Following your requests, a governor or trustee can now have multiple appointments and there are lots more appointment-type options. We also now make it clear if a term of office is about to expire – and if it’s already expired.

6. Re appoint button

To save time, we also added a ‘reappoint’ button so clerks can easily reappoint a member if their term-of-office has run out.

7. Message individuals

This – the ability to send a message to an individual governor – was requested fairly often. We listened and we’ve now made it possible to send a notification email to a single or a selected few board members.

Other board members can still see the message on the noticeboard if they log in, but they won’t be notified.

8. Pinning noticeboard posts

This one, is quite literally, fresh off the press. The ability to ‘pin’ an important noticeboard message to the top of the page.

We realise some messages are more important that others and this allows you to highlight certain messages to governors and trustees. Here‘s our help article which explains a bit more about how to do this.

9. Modern Governor integration

We know what it’s like when a governor has multiple log ins and lots of different websites to use. That’s why we’re excited about our new Modern Governor integration.

Anyone who signs up to Modern Governor online training now accesses courses via GovernorHub. This means training certificates appear on a governor’s training page and a board-wide training report will feature any Modern Governor training that’s taken place.

10. Board downloads

Speaking of board reports – did you know you can download lots of useful information about your board on GovernorHub? From meeting attendance and training undertaken, to a membership list and a board history report.

We recently updated the downloads page to add more reports (some of those listed above) and all reports now come in varying formats: pdf, excel and word.

So there you go! We’ve pushed out many more than 10 features but, you know, 10 is a nice round number and we didn’t want you falling asleep! If you have an idea for a new feature on GovernorHub that would make your life easier, get in touch at support@governorhub.com.

2 comments on “10 ways we’ve been listening …..and tweaking 🛠”

  1. All are great, thanks, but my #1 is that ALL Governors see replies to posts, NOT just those who have responded.


  2. I really am notva fan of GH. The print is so tiny when you log in. Is it possible to make it larger and a little more impressive? It almost depresses me when I have to ‘read this in Gov Hub’.


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