GovernorHub joins The Key


A message from Neil Collins, Director and Founder at GovernorHub

GovernorHub was born back in 2012 from an idea to get everything governors needed in one place on the Web. Since those early days, GovernorHub has been on quite a journey and is now used by 8,000 schools and 100,000 users around the country, working in partnership with local authorities and clerking services. That focus on giving governors what they need all in one place, has never wavered though.

We’re very excited to share that the next stage in the GovernorHub journey will be as part of The Key’s family of products.  These products will already be familiar to many of you as users of The Key for School Leaders and The Key for School Governors, and in the next few months you’ll start to see some new ways where those products work with GovernorHub to make the combined experience an unbeatable source of governor support.

This move, though, is far more than just a way to make our products work even better for you. With over 15,000 schools using one or both or our products already, this gives the combined company the capacity to support governors on a national level like never before. This will be done directly with schools and also in our ongoing close partnership with local authorities and clerking services across the country who provide vital local knowledge, advice, training and support.

In the short term, you won’t see any difference on GovernorHub but watch this space. We’re excited to show you what we’ve got in the pipeline, and how as a family, we intend to support the country’s biggest volunteer workforce in the coming months.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact us at:

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