Why choose GovernorHub?

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One reason – the app!

Why pay for software when there’s stuff out there you can use for free?
It’s a question we get asked quite a bit, so we thought we’d try to answer it for you.

  1. Those lovely folks at the School Office

Yep, you heard us right. It can be a school office issue. When you use a free software package, sometimes the school office inadvertently becomes an IT help desk. Governor can’t access their school email addresses? Governor struggling log in? Governor can’t remember their password? Governor can’t find the right files? These queries usually come back to the school office and create more work for some of the busiest people in a school.

With GovernorHub – all of these issues are handled by us, using our chat bubble or email. We reply quickly and help to resolve lots of issues for governors who might be struggling with iPads, browsers, networks, cookies and a whole lot more. IT support is what we do.

2. By governors, for governors

Once upon a time there was a software developer who became a school governor and got fed up with piles of paper and email distribution lists. There must be a better way of doing this, thought GovernorHub founder Neil Collins.

GovernorHub was created as a simple, easy-to-use platform that’s specific to school governance. It’s why on GovernorHub you can log your DBS details, add your declarations of interest, add your terms-of-office, create committees, restrict folders, communicate securely with other members of the board and much, much more. The aim is to support better and more effective governance with everything in one place.

3. Support your clerk

Most of us appreciate the importance of a good clerk. A good clerk is a Governance Professional, not just someone sitting in the corner scribbling down the minutes.

GovernorHub provides many useful clerking features which support the role of a governance professional. Download sign-on sheets, ask members to confirm a Code of Conduct, set a board’s unique constitution, gather board-wide training information, record governors by type and role, track term-of-office dates. We’re not surprised that some clerking services provide a discounted rate to schools using GovernorHub.

4. The app

When you sign up to GovernorHub, you can download the mobile app for free. It’ll allow you to read documents ‘offline’ in meetings (…so no need to download papers to a device or sign up to school WiFi network).

Also app notifications mean you can easily stay in touch with the work of your board. The mobile app even lets you message your committee to let them know you’re running late on the way to the meeting!

5. Connect, connect, connect…

GovernorHub works with lots of partners to support local governing boards and MATs. If your local governor services team works with us, you’ll get access to advice, support and sometimes online training booking through GovernorHub.

So if you’re interested in finding out more, why not start a free trial for your board. Click here to get started.

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