10 ways to get the most out of GovernorHub

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1. Use the Noticeboard to communicate

Hurrah for the Noticeboard which does the hard work so you don’t have to! It will send emails to the full board or committees on your behalf ✉️. You can also use it to share documents, folders and even external links 🔗. Using the Noticeboard properly will aid transparency and improve the effectiveness of your board.

2. Subscribe to the GovernorHub calendar

Never miss a meeting again 📆. Well, we can’t actually promise that, but having the dates for your board meetings in your personal calendar app, whether that’s Outlook, Google or Apple, is a great way to stay organised. Here’s how to subscribe.

3. Download the app

The GovernorHub app allows you to view your board’s documents on-the-go using your smart phone or tablet 📱. The most useful part of the app is probably the ability to make your board’s documents available ‘offline‘, so if you’re going to a meeting and there is patchy WiFi, you can still view documents on your phone/tablet and save on printing.

4. Keep your documents section well organised

Organising your documents section properly will save on time and confusion 📁. We recommend having a main folder for the board plus one for each committee and then perhaps a policies folder. Here‘s more on how we recommend you organise this section.

5. Make sure your training record is up-to-date

GovernorHub can be used to keep a record of any training sessions you’ve attended. Some boards will even be able to book their training via the Hub. This information becomes part of a downloadable report on GovernorHub, which is useful for record-keeping and identifying training or skills gaps.

6. Log meeting attendance on GovernorHub

Keep a track of your board’s meeting attendance on GovernorHub with our rather colourful attendance emojis 😄. You can then download an annual attendance report.

7. Study the new GovernorHub tool, Community Insights

You probably already know how many children at your school get free school meals but what do you know about the local community? What’s the level of deprivation? How healthy are the residents? How many people are in work and what type of work? How diverse is the area?

Community Insights is our shiny new tool for schools based on the 2011 Census (and it’s free!). Please take a look 👀 and share with your board.

8. Make the most of the Governor Services’ area or MAT shared resources area (if you have one)

If your board subscribes to GovernorHub through your local governor services or is part of a MAT, make sure you check out the shared area, where you’ll find lots of useful information for governors and trustees.

9. Use the help centre if you need advice

Help – I can’t log in!⚠️ Where are my documents? 🙀
If you ever have trouble using GovernorHub, we provide a help desk to support you and your board with whatever technical mishap may have occurred (it’s the blue chat icon on the corner of your screen). You can also search our handy online help centre to search for any answers you need.

10. Use the restricted document feature, where necessary

This new feature is very helpful for confidential minutes or documents 🤫- here’s how to use it. However don’t forget that good governance involves good transparency so only use where necessary.

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