How well do you know your school’s local community?

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You probably have a good idea about the kind of community your school serves – but until now it’s been hard to find this official information readily.

At GovernorHub, we want anyone working or volunteering in a school to be able to see a detailed breakdown of the make-up of their local area and to be able to compare it to regional and national averages.

So we’ve developed Community Insights which displays data such as the ethnicity, socio-economics, deprivation levels and religious beliefs of the community your school operates within.

This is something governing boards were called upon to familiarise themselves with in the recently updated DfE Governance Handbook:

“Boards must ensure they understand the full diversity of the cultural and religious context of the school and the community it serves.”

The Governance Handbook also details the importance of diversity amongst board members and it’s hoped ‘Community Insights’ will also encourage boards to reflect on the diversity of those sitting around the table, in light of the data about the local community.

“Boards should welcome and thrive on having a sufficiently diverse range of viewpoints – since open debate leads to good decisions in the interests of the whole school community.

“Having some people on the board who have no close ties with the school, or who come from outside the faith or ethnic group of the majority of pupils, can help ensure that the board has sufficient internal challenge to the decisions it makes and how it carries out its strategic functions.”

The data for Community Insights has been taken from the 2011 Census which until now has been hard to come by in a ready-to-use format by school postcode.

We’re offering this tool free-of-charge as we believe this information is important for all boards, teachers and school leaders to have at their fingertips

We hope governing boards will use it to reflect upon when making important strategic decisions, including decisions about the board itself.

Why not take a look at your school and find out more about the community it serves? Just go to

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