What time of day do you do your governance work?

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Most trustees and governors have a day job – so the work of reading reports and agendas has to be done outside of the usual 9 to 5. Busy modern lives mean that even at 8 o clock in the evening people might be doing other things or involved in other activities. This leaves many governors and trustees ‘burning the midnight oil’.

Recently at GovernorHub we noticed that several of our members were online at midnight. We say several – in fact on Sunday 10th December, 2018 there were 75 people looking at their school board and its documents on GovernorHub. We should confess that we know this precisely because one of our team was also burning the ‘midnight governance oil’.

These members are perhaps the night owls of the governance world. However we have some equally impressive larks. The same data shows we had 75 members on their GovernorHub school board pages at 5 am on Monday 11th December – let’s hope it wasn’t the same lot as the night before and that our members are definitely getting the recommended eight hours of sleep a night!

All this is very impressive commitment from volunteers who give their time to help support the country’s schools and academies. As the chart shows, the bulk of logging on to GovernorHub happens at lunchtime, which might include people reading documents on their phone at lunchtime or checking their account from work while on a break.


All well and good but as the nights close in, the big question remains –  who will be checking their account on Christmas Day? 🎄 Well, more members than you might think. Anyone who gets a new tablet for Christmas will probably start downloading apps and may end up sneaking into their GovernorHub account just to make sure it’s set up properly. However, it’s probably safe to say that the serious work of governance will resume a little closer to the New Year.

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